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Phone/Fax  310 547 3721

Cell  317  727  1008

Email:  rpmtours@juno.com

How do I contact RPM Tours?
Call Mary Mendez at 310 547 3721. Cell 317 727 1008. Or you can email your contact information and any questions to rpmtours@juno.com

What is RPM Tours?
RPM Tours was created in 1992 to provide that extra special experience to VIPs attending races, many for their first time. Although our service started in open wheel racing, it wasn’t long before our clients asked us to provide the same great learning opportunity at IMSA, F1, and NASCAR races. Our knowledgeable and entertaining guides can transform your successful program into an outstanding one.

What makes us different?
Our guides are already deeply entrenched in the sport, usually in either a broadcast or journalistic role. They know the drivers, owners, teams, and the latest stories to share. We do much more than just lead your guests around. We provide your VIPs with as much information as possible in a very entertaining way, ensuring everyone has fun. Our guides are passionate about racing and we convey that enthusiasm. As your guests discover what it takes to make a race car competitive and what to look for during the race, they become true race fans.

What happens on a tour?
Typically, the guide will come to your hospitality area to collect your guests and lead them to the pits/garage/grid for their tour. On tour, guides will stop frequently, explaining what the guests are looking at, discussing safety and strategy. An actual race car will be used for demonstration whenever possible.

How long does a tour last?
We allow an hour for a tour which includes 15 minutes to move guests from their hospitality area to the pits/garage/grid. We can customize the tour length to fit your individual needs.

How do I schedule an RPM Tour guide?
Once you know the event date you can contact RPM Tours by phone or email. We will work with each client to help plan the best time to fit your needs based on the track schedule so guests don’t miss the on-track competition. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about any special needs you may have to facilitate your group's entertainment program.

How many guests can be accommodated on a tour and what is the cost?
We can accommodate a maximum of 40 guests on a tour but we recommend smaller groups, giving your guests much more of our personal attention. Our services are very affordable, averaging much less than a movie admission ticket per guest. Contact us for available discounts (RPM Tours 310 547 3721).

What if many of our guests have been to races before?
At RPM Tours we tailor our presentations based on the level of knowledge of each group. Your guests are highly encouraged to ask questions. Even if your guests have been to many races before, we will reveal the latest information, explaining rule changes, the challenges they bring, and what is at stake for the championship.

What if a number of guests arrive late and miss the tour?
It may be possible to have late arriving guests join the tour already in progress or provide another immediate tour. We’ll move heaven and earth to meet your needs. Our proud record is only five minutes to provide another guide.

How do my guests have access to the pits, garage area, or grid?
Depending on the racing series, your guests’ hospitality pass often will allow access to the garage area (INDYCAR) and the pit area (NASCAR). For IMSA, guests have access to the paddock and are allowed on the grid at specific times before the race starts. For INDYCAR events, we can usually include a trip to pit lane when there is no competition running on the track.

What services do we offer?
RPM Tours offers a variety of services to meet your entertainment needs. We provide knowledgeable tour guides to conduct walking pit and/or garage tours. Our guides can also emcee driver hospitality visits, facilitating Q & A. And, we also offer in-hospitality presentations, perfect for those bad weather occasions to keep your VIPs entertained.

What if I need to cancel my scheduled tour?
Our travel arrangements must be made weeks in advance to take advantage of reasonable air fares and keep our expenses and prices at a minimum. That`s why we have a 7-Day Cancellation Policy. Should you need to cancel a tour, please let us know right away. If it is within 7 days or less, our normal fee still applies, unless we can find a replacement to your request (because our travel costs are already incurred).