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"What I enjoy most about working for RPM Tours is the interaction with people new to racing," explained Brian Carroccio. "Whereas, with Auto- Racing1 the audience is very racing knowledgable, that is often not the case with RPM Tours. Being able to meet a group of strangers, connect with them on a meaningful level, and ultimately provide insight that enhances their experience at the race track, all within the course of an hour, makes for a truly rewarding experience. Suffice to say: I love working for Mary and RPM Tours. It is by far, the most enjoyable job I've ever had."

It's just an ordinary race without our informative, behind the scenes tours!

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“Anything can happen on a tour,” explained guide Lewis Franck. “While most tours are of the working paddock/garage, you never know who will show and interact with the guests. Sometimes it’s a mechanic, a crew chief, or even a driver who might stop by. RPM Tours provides a very special access to teams based on long term personal relationships giving tour members a special close-up view that you might not experience with other tour guides.”

"it's extremely rewarding to explain what it takes to go fast and see your VIPs catch on, like light bulbs flashing in their brains. Guests are always encouraged to ask questions, which makes these tours fun for the guide. No matter how many tours I've conducted, I never get tired of entertaining a group, telling them about the latest controversies, what to watch for during the race, and letting them know how lucky they are to be invited guests," said Mary Mendez, Owner of RPM Tours. 

Just how sticky is that tire?


What Our Clients Say About Us and the Job We Did for Them!

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking such good care of our guests and partners. I don’t think one person came off of your tours without raving about how great it was, how they were fascinated, and had no idea what it takes to race! They were thrilled with their treatment and the experience! 

Thank you also for your patience with us and in holding our hands while we got through all this.” Arianna Barrios, Marketing Director, Taylor Woodrow Homes.

“Thank you for the outstanding service you provided during our Ultimate VIP Program. We attribute a large portion of our event’s success to your tireless efforts and for exceeding our needs and expectations. In our industry, we strive on delivering the “WOW” factor to our clients and guests, and we rely on your expertise and invaluable assistance to make our program such a success,” remarked Natasha Mater, Event Manager for Players.


"Your tours of the garage/pit areas are one of the key highlights on race day for our guests," said Carol Manverse, NORTEL Networks,."Your guides do a wonderful job and it is one element of the program I never have to worry about. I really appreciate your follow through on the details, the professionalism of your tour guides, and how knowledgeable they are. It's to their credit our guests enjoy the race so much more after listening to them and experiencing the racing world together. Kudos to you and your staff for the outstanding job!"
“The one thing I never have to worry about on race weekends is the service of RPM Tours,” explained Steve Irwin, Marketing Director for Mi-Jack Products. “I can always count on them to adapt to our schedule, meet all of our needs, and entertain our guests who can’t stop talking about everything they’ve learned.”
"What a fantastic weekend! The tours were great. Everyone enjoyed them. Your guides did a wonderful job and got us down in the pits while the cars were taking the grid. That was the best! You can't do that in F1 or NASCAR without being a dignitary!," said Jason Bredimus of Accenture. 
“I have been to a number of races before but I never realized how many factors affect what makes a team and driver competitive. Before I just watched the cars go around. But after taking the tour with a guide who seems to know everything and everybody, I now have a whole new understanding of the different strategies involved, where the rivalries are, and the challenges each team faces," stated a recent corporate guest.